Faster to Deploy 🚀

#1 Problem w "serverless"

Nobody cares.

Functions are the 🔑 to a pure cloud native serverless architecture
Functions are the unit of deployment

not the entire app

🤦‍♀️ You do not want to put an entire app in a single function. Downsides of a monolithic app plus ever increasing coldstart penalty.
Lambda has v nice characteristics

Only paying for what you use 💸

(💯% utilization)

Better security model 🔐

No ports to scan!

Focusing on business value 💰

instead of managing infra

FaaS is best in class serverless

  • 💰 Fixed costs
  • 🔒 Better security
  • 🎢 Faster iterations

Major 🔑

functions are faster to deploy!

So why is a bunch of little functions a BFD?
Deploying a single function usually completes within a couple of seconds.
Deploy one or deploy all in parallel.
This is an order of magnitude improvement in most development workflow lead times to staging and/or production environments.


  • Authortime is faster
  • Runtime smaller due to less deps
  • Bug resolution easier
  • Faster...reading, writing, running and fixing code! 🙇🏽‍♂️

    Seems worth exploring.

    Let's be excellent to each other.

    No more code shaming! There is no singular "right" way.

    Backend is Yours 😈

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